VEBA BOHEMIA’s philosophy is to develop the traditional textile production in the European region, particularly in the Czech Republic. Our mission is to ensure stability and high quality of products, to provide innovative products that meet customers’ expectations and demands. We are always delighted to persuade our clients with our responsiveness and innovation and become their trusted advisor. We are glad to meet all conditions that maintain continuous development of long-term cooperation with our business partners, and to promote and support our brands on the markets.

Incot Philosophy

Corporate values

VEBA BOHEMIA follows a continuous and long-term development, to ensure and strengthen its market position. Additionally monitoring the global trends of new materials, technologies, techniques and uses. All these to be the leader in developing and producing high quality products for a wide range of customers and markets.

With our customers, we always develop long-term relationships based on mutual trust, customization, a joint development of new products and ensured exclusivity under agreed terms.

VEBA BOHEMIA business team is glad to offer its assortments in your markets in accordance with our business policy.

Work excellence

VEBA BOHEMIA develops its production and business activities in order to follow and enhance the rich and excellent tradition of textile production in the Czech Republic and the whole central European region. The most advanced technologies and skilled team of more than 1100 members are the corner stone of premium quality products and excellent customer service. Each of our employees follows regular training sessions to improve his/her skills and knowledge.

Incot Philosophy
Incot Philosophy


VEBA BOHEMIA considers environmental protection to be an integral part of the company's development. By the implementation, development and continuous enhancement of Environmental Management System, we minimize the possible negative impact on environment.

VEBA BOHEMIA environmentally friendly production process is certified to be in a full compliance with the EMS requirements of EN ISO 14001